Rest Assured & Home Essentials

Rest Assured is a not-for-profit mattress sponsorship program seeking to provide a good night’s sleep to refugees and other afflicted Ukrainians. The program is managed and subsidized by Home Essentials, a global leader in rental furniture, under the leadership of Chris Exline, CEO.

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About Home Essentials Ukraine

Home Essentials has a track record in delivering, selling, and renting furniture items in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, and others. Typical clients include embassies, governments, building contractors, auditors, and other international and expatriate consultants.

We expanded our footprint and opened a new subsidiary in Ukraine in 2022, aiming to provide our products and services once reconstruction begins.

While establishing our operations in Ukraine, Home Essentials identified an opportunity to work alongside concerned organizations and individuals to provide humanitarian support to individuals and families affected by the war.

Mattresses for Ukrainians, by Ukrainians

Sleep is a basic human need. With over 5.6 million refugees, over 8 million people displaced within Ukraine, and over 800,000 homes destroyed, the need for mattresses cannot be overstated.

Mattress assembly

Mattresses are a strength of Home Essentials and core product in our offering. We invested in an existing factory in Kremenets, Ternopil and hired local workers to transfer our production skills.

While our commercial operations are still nascent, we decided to leverage our newly established manufacturing capacity to support the local community that has become our new home.

Under the Rest Assured program, the local workers that we employ at our facility are now producing mattresses for people in need in the Ukraine.

The sponsorship amount of $100 USD per mattress is used entirely to cover basic costs. Home Essentials is subsidizing all additional and variable costs for program operations.

Home Essentials is neither an NGO nor seeking investment – we are a business learning the operational realities of working in Ukraine so that when reconstruction occurs, we are ready. In the meantime, we’re doing our part to make a difference for the people most affected by the war.

Rest Assured ranks among the most substantive initiatives in our corporate history. It is a defining moment for Home Essentials and those with whom we partner and assist.

Transparency & Accountability

Leading the effort to start and supervise the new Home Essentials operations in Ukraine is Chris Exline. He is onsite to ensure that necessary protocols, controls, and anti-corruption standards are set and adhered to. Chris relocated to Kremenets in 2022 and is working closely with our auditors and administrative bodies to ensure maximum accountability and transparency with local and national regulations.