Mattress Sponsorship

Through a nominal contribution of $100 USD, you can supply a mattress to people in need in the Ukraine.

Every dollar donated is a dollar delivered

We fully understand an aversion to donating without accountability and transparency. You may worry about what percentage of your dollars actually make it to Ukraine.

Man points on label with sponsor names

Each sponsorship of $100 USD per mattress is used entirely to cover the costs of procurement, production, power supply, delivery, and wages of our local workers. While these costs vary weekly, we have capped the price at $100 USD. Any and all costs in excess of this are subsidized by Home Essentials.

To increase transparency, each mattress carries the name of the sponsor on the label and you will receive a photo of the recipient family. Verification of each delivery is handled by independent auditors.

Who receives a mattress?

Woman receives a mattress

Mattresses are distributed to refugees of all ages. We partner with local governments to determine the most urgent needs and schedules to expeditiously arrange delivery

We personally deliver every mattress to make sure it reaches its intended destination. In some cases, we have driven up to 12 hours to meet people at their homes, shelters, orphanages, or other temporary residences


If a photo is worth a thousand words, well, we have volumes shown below.

Growing Support

2 smiling men unload mattresses from a truck

The Rest Assured program is more than a “gesture”. As we return again and again to support people in need, interest in our initiative has kept growing. More individuals, as well as NGOs and charities are now supporting the project and looking to become part of it.

It cannot be stressed enough that attacks on the power grid coupled with the early arrival of winter has made the need for assistance even greater than before and greater than we can describe.

People without water, heat, electricity do not even have a mattress. The need is now.

Want to help a family in need?