Community Outreach

Rest Assured does more than addressing the immediate need of the displaced. With targeted investments in smaller communities, we’re aiming for a greater economic and social impact.

Benefiting the local economy

Partnering with the Ternopil Oblast, we identified Kremenets as the location for the headquarters of Home Essentials Ukraine and the Rest Assured program.

Aerial view of Kremenets in Ternopil

The small town of Kremenets is home to 20,000 people and 3,500 refugees. Current unemployment hovers at 40%. Many of the male residents are on the front lines to liberate their country and the town has sadly lost 19 heroes to the war.

The fabric of this society is stitched by the common purpose of dedication to cause. With the re-opening of the mattress factory, we’ve saved existing jobs and added new ones. And we’re proud to be part of the society.

According to the state government, local investments have a significant multiplier affect (4-5x greater than in larger cities), with each dollar earned further benefiting the workers’ families, town, and local economy.

Part of the community

Meeting local school children in Ukraine

We are so committed to the community that Chris Exline, CEO of Home Essentials and founder of the Rest Assured program, moved to Kremenets in 2023.

Beyond renovating our factory for the Rest Assured program and Home Essentials’ commercial purposes in future, we are opening new shops in the town center and repairing homes. We are also the proud sponsor of Kremenets championship little league baseball team!

Kremenets is a community that we now call home.